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Being an open window.

I’ve been reading an article by Sr Wendy Beckett on prayer recently. She says that prayer is simple but we are good at over- complicating it. Simply prayer is being open and vulnerable to the Divine. Opening the heart so to speak; and listening for answers and promptings. It is the same with healing. Some practitioners speak of opening chakras (energy centres found down the length of the spine). Opening ourselves to the work of compassion and the exchange between one and the other for greatest good. Try the exercise of just mentioning to yourself in a quiet moment, that you wish to be open rather than closed. See what subtle effect that has on you.  Say to yourself that you wish to open up to love and the sacredness of life, that you want to open up to gratitude. See what happens.  Do email or comment on Facebook about any effects this has on you. I suspect they will all be good!

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