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 Remote Reiki and Remote Reflexology

After a remote session I contact the recipient and tell them what I experienced; then I invite them to share anything they want to about how the treatment went for them. This is what some have said. (All have given permission and can be contacted)

‘Well Rosie I really didn't know what to expect and I'm not sure what did happen was supposed to happen but here is what I experienced. I was lying very relaxed for a few minutes when it began to feel as if I was experiencing reflexology, my feet are still aware of this and it's nearly 2:30. (2 hours later)

Next the pain left my knees and then my hips and lower back felt heavy as if they were sinking down. Then my stomach started rumbling followed by a period that seemed as if I wasn't remembering to breathe. My chest still feels different. All this time I was completely unaware of how time was passing. The final sensations were in my head and it is hard to explain, but for a while, my head  seemed to be miles away. Lastly I felt as if I was blinking very fast but I could feel my eyes weren't moving, so I opened them, glanced at the clock and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was exactly 12:45. (our agreed finishing time…..the whole process seemed slightly unbelievable.

Thank you so much for letting me try it. I was a real sceptic, but definitely something strange happened and I feel great.’ C

A response from a Hospice Patient who has had extensive surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy.

‘Having had no experience of Reiki, when I undertook my first treatment at the Pilgrims’ Hospice, I was really surprised at its positive effects on both my physical and mental wellbeing and, over the past year, it has become a pivotal support during my cancer treatment.

 I was therefore really saddened when the lockdown meant that these sessions would not be able to continue. And then I was offered a distant Reiki session! I have to say that I was a little skeptical about how it could have an effect when the practitioner was not touching me, but it only took me one session to realise that it really does work!!!

Just before the start of a session, the Reiki practitioner invites me to find a quiet place where I can relax. I light a candle, put on calming music and get ready to put aside the hassles of daily life for 45 minutes and simply focus on me!  I then receive a text message which describes both simple ways to relax the body through controlled breathing and a scene or experience to focus on during the session. It has been uncanny how appropriate these visualisations have been e.g. in one session, I was asked to visualise a tree, drawing energy from the ground beneath it and from the sky above – only that morning, I had stood beneath an amazing tree and taken a photo of the brilliant blue sky which could be glimpsed through its branches

During the treatment, I always feel any stress that I have been experiencing melt away. I can also  feel a tingling or warm sensation in parts of my body often coinciding with where I have been having aches or pains. At no point does this become uncomfortable or prevent me from allowing my mind to relax. When the treatment ends, my body and mind feel completely rested, cleansed and positive about the week ahead. Indeed, whenever I do become stressed now, my husband asks how long it is until my next Reiki session! ‘ K

‘I am continuing to feel better with my back during this morning and things are improving quite quickly especially these last couple of hours! My husband has remarked on it and how I'm walking with improved gait!

Just noticed too - my Fitbit heart rate now is 10bpm lower than it has been for quite a while and I am back at my desk. It must have been even/much lower when I was relaxed. I was not expecting any of these experiences - absolutely wonderful’  A

‘ I was intrigued as to how it would work but just concentrated on my breathing, listened to the music and went with it.  What an extraordinary experience, I’m not sure I could express fully in words what I experienced but I certainly felt a connection and strong feelings which were released in tears which took me by surprise (I’m not easily led to tears!!)

I feel calmer and not so loaded with negative feelings.The presence I feel is extraordinary that I can’t verbally explain but was warm, relaxing and comforting. I felt a warmth and tingling in my lower right limb and foot which was such a relief as I am suffering with knee pain which travels down to my heel. I also felt waves of energy flowing up over my eyes and head. I feel so much  less stressed and more relaxed. 

I would love another session if possible. I will be wholly recommending this treatment it really does work’. L

’You may remember how my right arm and hand used to tingle when you worked my shoulder reflex on my foot. (In a LIVE session) That happened today (in a REMOTE session)- but instead of experiencing uncomfortable pins and needles in my hand, I had an image of the tingling being like moving lights, a bit like sparklers, not painful at all! Your awareness of my neck is interesting.  I've been having a bad patch of nasty headaches and I think my neck posture, and the wear and tear of the neck joints, are contributors.

 (a day later) No headache today Rosie, feel well and peaceful. Met a dog walker I know slightly this morning. She said I look well, 10 years younger than when she last saw me ( some months ago.) ‘ S

Reiki Ted

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