What happens and how to book….

So if you’d like to give it a try please email or phone to set up a time.  

You just need a comfy bed and 45 minutes of undisturbed silence …

I’ll send you some music and a guided meditation to do at the start to help you relax. Then I’ll leave you to doze in serenity, while I complete a typical session here, imagining that I am working on you. The energetic or telepathic connection seems to often be felt by tingles, or warm glowing feelings but mostly you will probably simply feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. The therapeutic effect is in the deep relaxation that occurs. Many people say that during a session they feel more deeply relaxed than when they sleep … and that they sleep better that night as well. At the end of the treatment I’ll send you a message to say I’ve  finished the session here and at a later time we message one another to compare notes about what happened.

If this sort of therapy seems to suit you, it’s always good to have regular sessions spaced out about every 6 weeks. In this way your immune system receives a boost and your mental/emotional system gets a therapeutic rest.

Cost: Donations are gratefully received if you wish to give. Anything from £0-20. This can be arranged when we talk to set up the session.

Ps. There may be several pictures of a bear here…

but just to be clear..The bear is only a visual aid

to help the mind cope with connection.

The main therapeutic benefit is in the connection

of heartfelt giving on the part of the practitioner,

and the open-ness to receive & willingness to change,

on the  behalf of the receiver.

What Happens and How to Book

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